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At T&S Vending Machines, we treat your company, employees and customers like royalty and family. We strive to keep everyone happy with a constant flow and variety of different snacks & drinks.

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Keeping Each Customer Satisfied

We mix up product selections on an ongoing basis depending on which products sell best, which products are in demand, etc. This keeps your employees and customers coming back for more!

Keeping Each Machine Clean & Well-Stocked

We service each machine at least once a week and regularly re-stock products to make sure that your location never runs out or dry. After all, what good is an empty vending machine?

Keeping The Line Of Communication Open

We listen to each customer's needs, wants and concerns alike. It is important for us to hear your feedback, this is what helps and allows us to better serve all of your vending needs.



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Gone are the days of traditional vending machines with limited snack and payment options! T&S Vending machines are taking over businesses all over Pennsylvania. With beautiful displays and cashless payment options, what’s not to love about our equipment?

If you’re ready to transition away from outdated vending machines to a more modern offering, then you have to call on T&S Vending Machines – the premier provider of Harrisburg Vending Services. We provide delicious snacks and dedicated services at prices you won’t believe!

In fact, T&S Vending is now offering delivery, installation and service in Southern Pennsylvania – at no extra cost to business owners. Research shows that the job market is highly competitive. What are you doing to set yourself apart and attract the attention of prospective employees and patrons?

Bringing food to your workplace is the perfect way to enact positive change. Plus, it doesn’t require a heavy lift from your team. Consumers will be thrilled with the product selection and price, and you won’t have to worry about a thing!

Ask anyone – T&S Vending is known for its prompt and professional Harrisburg Vending Machine Services. We make things easy by handling the entire process for you – from delivery to installation to maintenance. In fact, you can call on us 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer questions about your equipment or service your machine. You won’t find support like ours anywhere else!

Many Harrisburg Vending Companies require strict commitments and contracts, but not T&S Vending! We rely on superior snacks and streamlined service to keep you coming back for more. If you’re not happy with your experience, you’re free to end our partnership – no strings attached.

At T&S Vending, we pride ourselves on our wide range of healthy and traditional snacks and drinks, sure to satisfy everyone’s tastes. No matter your dietary needs or restrictions, our product specialists have got you covered!

Like what you hear? T&S Vending is standing by to provide you with additional information. Give us a call today to secure your brand-new vending machine!

So, what makes T&S Vending different from other Harrisburg Vending Machine Companies? Not only do our combo machines meet all ADA requirements, but they have more room for the products you love. Plus, they allow for cashless payments. Never has there been a more convenient way to enjoy an afternoon snack. Our machines are the most modern available to businesses today.

We can install our equipment alongside your existing machines or replace them altogether. Our trained team will help you make the right selection for your business. After all, today’s professionals are more health-conscious than ever. T&S Vending has set out to serve them the food they deserve!

T&S Vending works for all types of organizations – from enterprises and manufacturers to hotels and apartments. No matter what type of employees and clientele you serve, our vending machines are a perfect fit.

Remember – T&S Vending will deliver, install and service your micro market equipment for FREE! Whether you’re located in Hershey, Lancaster, Lebanon, Camp Hill or York, our team will distribute to you. Don’t let an opportunity to work with the Harrisburg Vending experts pass you by.

T&S Vending has set out to change the way Harrisburg citizens eat on the job – one business at a time. We make it possible for you to enjoy quality snacks and drinks while you work, at a reasonable cost.

Don’t forget – We manage everything from delivery and installation to support and service, and we’re always available to offer assistance. Simply fill out this short form to work with the best in the business!